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My dear friend just made an offer on the perfect home. The seller was using Cartus and they ended up choosing an offer that was less than his.

Weird right? They chose the other offer because my friend was using a VA loan, and the other offer opted out of the home inspection. Nevermind that he deployed to the Middle East... nevermind the fact that he has served his country for a decade, nevermind the fact that he offered more to the seller!

Yes, VA loans can take more time to go through, that's what happens when they take care of their Service Members and make sure that they aren't getting screwed. But thanks, Cartus, for screwing him before he even got to that point.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cartus Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sorry to tell you this, but Cartus is a corporation. Their job (and contractual obligation) is to look out for the seller's best interests and bottom line.

They're not your Grandma-seller who wants to choose the buyer who will raise a happy family and keep her roses pruned for years to come. An experienced, knowledgeable real estate agent would have explained this to your friend and suggested that, in a competitive seller's market, it might be best to search for a seller who is a veteran and more likely to accept an offer with a VA loan and home inspection contingency.


Cartus represents the interests of our customers and clients. Individual circumstances and timelines can have a very real impact on the way different home purchase offers are viewed.

Many, many home buyers finance with the VA when purchasing from us, but there are times when an offer without the requirement for inspections is very attractive.

We’re sorry this deal did not work out for your friend. We are grateful for our military and honor the service and sacrifice our service members and their families make each and every day.

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