We have been trying to buy a home for over 6 weeks. The owners were relocated by Cartus and they are holding up the sale plus they do not return phone calls.

These people don't care. Why do companies use the idiots? We were planning to get married in this house on Sept. 4th but it doesn't look like we will be in the house yet.

I wonder if these people realize what they do to people's lives. Do not try to buy a house if Cartus is involved!!

Your life will be turned upside down. Seller and buyer beware.

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Hello - this is Jon Wyatt and I represent the Cartus Office of the President. I would like to find out more so I can help. Please contact me via email at officeofthepresident@cartus.com or phone 1.888.767.9357.


Glad I'm not the only one! I came to agreement with home sellers last sunday, then found out Cartus was involved, and they had their own Purchace and Sales agreement.

READ THEM CAREFULLY! THEY ARE VERY SNEAKY! DO NOT INDEMNIFY THEM, OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER, CONSULT AN ATTORNEY! I sent in Amendments to their Addendum within my 3 day promise from the time the price agreement was made.

Hahaha, now they are sitting on it. I wanted to get an inspection anyway, since their Addendums take out a Buyers right to back out.

Guess what...Cartus doesn't allow inspections until the paperwork is signed by all parties....so that means, I still don't have a Back Out clause. The deal would have been done Monday, closed in 30 days, but Cartus is screwing me, my agent, the home occupants who want to transfer, their agent, because of their unreasonable Addendums.


Yep, same problem here. We were supposed to close tomorrow, but Cartus can't seem to remember to sign paperwork that they send to various parties.


They are the worst company to deal with. I don't know why any person/company would use them to relocate.

I was also suppose to close today and because of Cartus we don't know when we can actually close due to their stupidity with the title.

Basically,they are a bunch of uncaring, worthless, individuals, who completely screwed me, since I made arrangements to get off work, set up utilities, cable, water, install a fence, and move based on a specific closing date. Stay clear.


I agree they are horrible to deal with. I was suppose to close this morning and cartus cant get one...yes one document corrected to make this happen and as far as I'm consurned if this closing does not happen today, I will not be buying this house or any from them!


Please contact me if I can be of assistance to you. I can be reached via email at Officeofthepresident@cartus.com or phone: 1.888.767.9357, between 8:30 am and 5 pm Eastern time.

Thank you, Jon Wyatt

to Jon Wyatt #1439839

We've had many horrible dealings with Cartus. Their process doesn't even make sense.

Often times asking you to sign an addendum (addendum A) stating you've completed a task (i.e. signed addendum X) and then telling you via email they can't send you addendum X until you return the signed addendum A?

So there is no way to move forward in good faith. We've had transactions fall thru due to their lack of response time and have NEVER had a Seller happy with them by the end as they cause so much frustration and money to sellers.

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