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have summated a complete short sale package to Cartus in early April, since then I summated my complete package four times, I have been assigned three different negotiators, Cartus has never reached out to me. Every time I either leave a message that is never returned or I speak to an agent that tells me they either didn't receive something or its just plain not in the file, there attitude is the worst , I spoke to a woman this morning that told me never to call her direct number mind you I didn't call her direct number nor do I know it, whoever answered the phone connected me to her, she also stated that she is busy and has no time to update me and as usual has nothing I sent.

This company should no be doing business with humans, they obviously have no regard whatsoever the home owner or anyone working with home owners, they have no respect and they should be trained to professionally speak to people , when I ask them why they will not return my phone call they responded saying they are busy, I requested a review or new BPO three times , number one reason being the agent that performed the interior BPO never entered the property, I was told today that there was no sense requesting a new one that they wouldn't do that anyway and I shouldn't waste my time.

Oh and don't let me leave out the ignorant rude people that answer the phone! get some manners!!!

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Again Cartus is a joke, I would love to know how they are still being permited to work with short sales. After waiting months for a new BPO I was told because I disputed the last BPO months ago, I now have to wait until December, although the BPO they ordered months ago was to be in interior and this was never done.


Hello -- my name is Jon Wyatt, and I represent Cartus' Office of the President. I would very much like to speak with you about the incident you describe here.

Please call me; I can be reached from 8:30 am to 5 pm Eastern time at 1.877.767.9357. Thank you, Jon

to Jon W Live Oak, Florida, United States #1351383

Hi my fianc lost his job and is not sure of how to navigate things with cartus. What programs are available to us until he is back on his feet!

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