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I recently bought a house through Cartus Relocation and my experience could not have been worse. This is in Connecticut where Cartus is headquartered.

I had a pre-agreement with the seller and things were smooth. The seller was relocating through Cartus and they started dealing with the property. They are a mess. The will not provide paperwork on time, will ask for changes to wordings of the contract and then sign the incorrect version of the document - the one they did not want to sign!

They will not keep any requests or look in to any issues that you might have. The seller was also equally horrible. Did not fix any of the inspection issues and had offered some cheap credit. At closing, Cartus attorney had a huge attitude.

I cannot think what would prompt any seller to be unnecessarily so aggressive. I did not think buying a house could have been such a horrible experience.

Stay away if you see Cartus on the property listing. They are a rip off and unless the house if worth all the pains, stay away.

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I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. Could you please contact me at the Office of the President so I can understand the issues.

Thanks. Jon 888-767-7357.


I agree with this post. I recently had a horrible experience with house being sold by Cartus.

Even after offering high value for the property they didn't want to fix anything found in the home inspection. In the end they botched the whole deal.

Cost me money to do home inspection and appraisal and countless hours and the deal didn't close because of Cartus' weird behavior. It was horrible to deal with this unprofessional people who seemed like had never dealt with a real estate transaction.

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