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We got involved with Cartus because of my husbands relocation. We shouldn't have applied for mortgage loan from Cartus.

To this day we are spending so much of our time doing paperwork and talking to cartus mortgage employees who are not at all helpful. They have no respect for others time. We have sold & bought homes in the past and we didn't face anything like this. This is becoming a nightmare and as the closing approaches I am getting more & more nervous.

Still havent received our mortgage commitment letter. My advice, don't take loan from Cartus ever.

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As an agent let me tell you yes we must pay the referral fee . Even if the client is a previous customer.

Worked with a client for months and then all of a sudden they come through the system and I have to give up my money. Really liked the clients and they were very nice to work with. That being said having to deal with the cartus company and there expectations is unreal. We do not service an area that has high priced homes.

Our average is under 200k sometimes well under that amount.

Honestly the clients I do get are ungrateful jerks to be completely honest. This is a huge company stealing money and making people miserable.

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