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I'm in the middle of a relocation to Singapore from the US. Cartus is very good at sub contracting everything out, but pays no attention to timelines that conflict between each group (so they really do nothing). For example we have a Cartus (* email) home finding associate who schedules a handover of an apartment at 5:00 PM on a day, but another cartus rep has scheduled the furniture delivery for 10:00 AM. Then when this mistake... Read more

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Terrible terrible terrible. Going though reimbursement process and it been 3 months. Been passed from person to person to person. They all keep asking me to submit the same receipts again and again. If it's not one thing, then it's the next. Can't get it together and just seems like they're unwilling to give me back my relocation money..... If so, should just say so instead of wasting my time. Read more

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This place was an abortion to business with. Wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy.

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Selling my home became far more complicated than necessary once Cartus became involved. It was impossible to reach my consultant by phone, had to leave an email or voicemail. Would not hear back for 24 hours at least. This made same day escalations impossible unless I called and insisted on speaking with a supervisor. Also their requirements for repairs that I had to complete to sell my house were extensive and unreasonable. Very happy to hear... Read more

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We recently sold our home in Pennington NJ and the Buyer's Agent, Janet Weber of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Hillsboro, NJ was a Cartus Certified Relocation Specialist, who was so hyper-focused on satisfying the Buyer that she literally caused extraordinary turmoil and jeopardized the Sale itself on several occasions. Her actions clearly caused several thousand dollars of unnecessary expenses for me and was a constant source of... Read more

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I can only hope that you read this before you make an offer to buy a home in which Cartus is involved. Let me explain what this “company” does before I go on. Cartus is a relocation company. They are supposed to help other companies by relocating employees. They are supposed to FACILITATE the sale, the move and the purchase of the new home. They offer around 15k as an incentive to move the employee. A home came on the market in Utah that we... Read more

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Move yourself or sell your belongs - CARTUS is horrible!!!!!
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This was our FIRST relocation. I wished I would have known someone who could have prepared me because trusting Cartus or SHM was a mistake. South Hill Movers was the company assigned to us from Cartus relocation company. Two men arrived on 12/16/15 & 12/17/15 packed the entire home. I found paperwork to review the home contents and everything was listed as HEAVILY SOILED, SCRATCHED, BROKE, CRACKED, RUBBED and WARPED. It read as if my home... Read more

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Talk about a conflict of interest. The company hires Cartus and when relocating back home due to early retirement or lay offs, Cartus treats the people relocating so badly and seem to enjoy it tremendously. Of course you are not important as they do not have your best interest as their objective. They want to look good to the company that pays them to offset all the bad reviews they get! Read more

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I agree with other posts on this website that there are serious problems with Cartus. I used them as an employee of the FDIC and found that while they were quite demanding when it came to their requests, that they were borderline incompetent as a relocation company. The most serious problems occurred after we had listed the property and actually found a willing buyer. Their "Real Estate Team" sat on a valid purchase offer for a week. There... Read more

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I have made a Huge mistake by not paying heed to the bad reviews. My major reimbursement is denied by Cartus for no reason. This makes my relocation load on my pocket. I am very upset with this company. It seems the hiring company gives funds to Cartus and Cartus finds reason not to pay This is unprofessional & pathetic. Read more

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