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Move yourself or sell your belongs - CARTUS is horrible!!!!!
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This was our FIRST relocation. I wished I would have known someone who could have prepared me because trusting Cartus or SHM was a mistake. South Hill Movers was the company assigned to us from Cartus relocation company. Two men arrived on 12/16/15 & 12/17/15 packed the entire home. I found paperwork to review the home contents and everything was listed as HEAVILY SOILED, SCRATCHED, BROKE, CRACKED, RUBBED and WARPED. It read as if my home... Read more

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Talk about a conflict of interest. The company hires Cartus and when relocating back home due to early retirement or lay offs, Cartus treats the people relocating so badly and seem to enjoy it tremendously. Of course you are not important as they do not have your best interest as their objective. They want to look good to the company that pays them to offset all the bad reviews they get! Read more

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I agree with other posts on this website that there are serious problems with Cartus. I used them as an employee of the FDIC and found that while they were quite demanding when it came to their requests, that they were borderline incompetent as a relocation company. The most serious problems occurred after we had listed the property and actually found a willing buyer. Their "Real Estate Team" sat on a valid purchase offer for a week. There... Read more

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I have made a Huge mistake by not paying heed to the bad reviews. My major reimbursement is denied by Cartus for no reason. This makes my relocation load on my pocket. I am very upset with this company. It seems the hiring company gives funds to Cartus and Cartus finds reason not to pay This is unprofessional & pathetic. Read more

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This is an "excerpt" from my review on their website: There seems to be a serious lack of communication between all the branches, departments and sub contractors that have contracts with or do business with Cartus, specifically the real estate department. I am wondering what the exact role and duties of a Contract Specialist entail. XXXXXX did nothing but impede and drag her feet when it came to responding timely (or at all) regarding the... Read more

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I had the worst time getting my clients deposit returned after doing their home inspection which showed a considerable amount of work that was needed on a home their local agent indicated was in great condition buyers cancelled in 8 days offered copy of the home inspection which they decided against it this way they did not have to disclose to next buyer the issues my people discovered. So now they drag their feet on signing the cancellation to... Read more

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TERRIBLE! Very disorganized, lack of knowledge, and don't care about their clients. Run as fast as you can away from this company and don't trust them with anything related to your relocation, home sale, or home purchase. Read more

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If you get offered a job refuse it , they are dreadful. Offer the earth , nit picky in the extreme and use agencies to get staff then dont offer contracts to avoid the fees. Read more

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I guess before the internet, having this company contracted to organize your relocation was a big help. However, nowadays it is absolutely pointless. It is simply an additional name amongst the half a dozen or so contacts you need to email & speak with directly anyway, so there is no added value. The scheduled phone conversations were just ridiculous- just send me an email or a presentation and it would have been a lot more efficient. ... Read more

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My husband and I were pre-approved for a VA loan through Cartus Home Loans. We relocated from NC to TX for work. We made an offer on a home and the entire process was dragged along by Cartus. Though we stayed in constant contact (calling them for updates every 3-4 days, providing every document they asked for...) and following up with our representatives, they dragged their feet and ultimately declared that we were not eligible for a VA loan. It... Read more

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